Keeping your wedding day flowing effortlessly. It's only one part of our Wedding DJ Philosophy.

Our ultimate goal is to help bring your dream wedding to life by providing a high-quality service that is in line with your vision. Like you, we only have one shot at this and we take that seriously.
Our Wedding DJ Philosophy

Our Wedding DJ Philosophy

Our Wedding DJ Philosophy is that once we have all of the information we need, such as whether or not there will be a garter toss or money dance, what songs you would like to hear (and not hear!). We make sure that we have at least one person that we can speak to on the actual day of the wedding (wedding coordinator, friend, relative) so that we will not bother you. After all, it's your day to shine, relax and soak all the love from friends and family in.

When we book ourselves as a Wedding DJ, we first connect with the bride and groom and make sure that we know precisely how they envision their wedding day going. It’s their day, and it’s a day that happens to have – even the ones that go smoothly – a lot of pressure leading up to it.

The Cheese-Free Philosophy

When beginning a search for a Professional Wedding DJ, one of the first things you’re bound to hear will be stories (if you don’t already have some of your own) of over-the-top, “cheesy” DJs that have ruined (or at the very least created an embarrassing situation/memory for the bride and groom) a wedding reception by making themselves the center of attention. You know the type; making corny jokes on the microphone, wearing funny hats and/or costumes, making guests and even the bride and groom wear funny costumes, etc.

Let us set your mind at ease right now. We handle wedding receptions in a fun, but professional and wedding-appropriate way. We don’t bring props, we aren’t loud to the point of being obnoxious. We have commanding voices, but that’s required to get everyone’s attention when making important announcements.

You’ll hear this a lot from us – it's YOUR day, not ours.

We are there to facilitate your wedding day and the entertainment that makes the entire event run smoothly. To create a fun, memorable atmosphere for everyone in attendance. Beyond that, we perform to your specifications always.

Also in this category are songs that are considered “cheesy” and we don’t automatically play those songs. The Chicken Dance and The Hokey Pokey are not played without your consent. If your guests request any song that might be considered “cheesy”, we’ll ask your permission first.

No Cheese Wedding DJ
Brand and Maren's wedding thank you card.
A wedding thank you card from newlyweds Brad & Maren.

Actually Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Milestone Wedding DJ Philosophy is that we only interrupt the bride and groom to let them know when they need to be doing something (cake cutting, first dance, etc.). Other than that, it’s our philosophy that the bride and groom shouldn’t even wear a watch. Their only job is to enjoy the day with their friends and family and leave the details up to us. All of the hard work is done and it’s time to have fun and enjoy the day!

You’d think that our Wedding DJ Philosophy would be a natural thing for Wedding DJs, but you might be surprised (not a good thing to be on your wedding day, in our opinion). There are a lot of people who know a lot about music and own some nice audio equipment and a great music library. This does not mean they are well-versed in taking charge and running a wedding as described by the bride and groom. It's simply not something you can fake. We have the experience and expertise to eventually get a nice thank you card (like the one from Brad & Maren) from you after your honeymoon.

A Professional Wedding DJ Ensures the Success of Your Wedding Day

True enough these days, almost anyone can play music. Trust us, a Professional Wedding DJ does much more than that. A Professional Wedding DJ not only has a wide range of music from every era and every genre, they know the music and know how and when to use it...and even when it's time to play at an appropriate volume level.

Every reception is different and if a Professional Wedding DJ can hit on a few song sets that make everyone in attendance happy and dancing while making the day’s events run smoothly, you’ll have fond memories of your special day…and so will your friends and family. Our professional reputation relies on it.

Please review our customer reviews and give us a call with any questions. We believe that once you’ve read our Wedding DJ Philosophy page here, talked with us on the phone and read our reviews page, you’ll feel more comfortable assigning your wedding day entertainment and coordination to us.

First Dance - Wedding DJ
Dancing Crowd - Wedding DJ

We Arrive Totally Prepared

Our philosophy is that we are in contact with the bride and groom as well as the designated coordinator prior to the wedding day to make sure we’re all in sync. One of our major goals on the day of the wedding is that we are the very last thing on the mind of you and your spouse-to-be. Because you both know that we have everything under control.

We arrive at the wedding totally prepared, usually one and a half to two hours prior to the scheduled start time.

Starting with the wedding reception (we can also perform the ceremony music), we typically work with the designated coordinator to make sure we're all on the same page. Since we act as masters of ceremonies (MCs), announcing each portion of the day, we make sure that everyone involved in the wedding is prepared. For example, we will let the photographer, videographer and anyone else involved know well in advance before playing the first dance song. We make the caterer aware ahead of time of the cake-cutting. All of these tasks are "behind the scenes" and automatically taken care of.

Doing things this way ensures that all involved are ready to go and nothing is missed.

Wedding Planner, Timeline & Music Request System Included

Included in every wedding package is our web-based wedding event planner which allows you to organize your wedding timeline, events, music (you can even preview songs), make payments, change your event information, and much more – all from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

This software helps us both to make sure that we are in synch when it comes to your important day.


The Smartphone & Spotify (or Friend) vs. The Professional Wedding DJ

If you are considering hiring a friend-of-a-friend or your cousin who happens to DJ on the side (“Hey, your cousin has an iPhone – save your money!”) or you are hiring a nightclub DJ with little or no wedding coordinating experience, you are taking a big chance on how well your event will be managed and coordinated. We are aware of how this probably sounds coming from a professional company, so simply ask a wedding coordinator or another wedding vendor.

A smartphone might save you money (of course, you have to rent a PA system to project the music), but it can’t organize an event, move your guests to where they need to be, keep everyone informed as to what is next and keep the day flowing.

A smartphone also can’t make quick decisions or notify the other wedding vendors when the cake cutting is about to begin.

There are many club and party DJs out there, but if they are not trained to manage wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions and/or don’t regularly work weddings, they may not have the breadth of music or the experience required to perform for an audience made up of ages ranging from 1 to 101. It's just not worth the chance.

Wedding Reception - Wedding DJ

No Unsightly Cables or Banners

We believe in making sure our customers have the event they were dreaming of. We are not about self-promotion, so you won’t hear us talking about ourselves, putting banners up or having business cards out in the open. In fact, we go as far as having all black and gray equipment so we are neutral and not the center of attention.

Our DJ equipment is set up behind a professional facade so your guests won’t have to view sound equipment or cables hanging all over the place.

The Bottom Line

Let's face it, there are always cheaper DJs (and photographers and caterers and...), but you probably know by now that you shouldn't skimp on the food, photographer, venue or the DJ for your wedding day. Just ask experienced wedding vendors.

The Professional Wedding DJ Difference: Quality, reliability, experience and expertise.

Since 1987, Milestones Wedding DJ has fine-tuned our system of gathering information from our wedding couples and making sure we work with the other vendors on the big day to make your wedding dreams come true.

It is your wedding day and we really listen to how you envision your day going for you, your family, and your guests.

This is a business that is, naturally, all about expectations. Our job is to meet and even try to exceed those expectations.


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