Wedding DJ : A Humbling Father-Daughter Dance

A Humbling Father-Daughter Dance

A Dance to Remember

Wedding DJ : A Humbling Father-Daughter Dance

Rachel and her Dad James having that magical Father-Daughter dance.

Having been in business since 1987, Milestones Wedding DJ has performed at thousands of weddings. Many of those weddings were very unique and we have on occasion found ourselves in, let’s say, “interesting” situations that we haven’t quickly forgotten.

In all of our years of providing services for weddings, this performance was a first for us. You see, there isn’t going to be a wedding at all. In fact, the “bride” isn’t even engaged to her boyfriend. We DJ'd a single song – the Father-Daughter dance.

Rachel’s father, Dr. James Wolf, is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. His doctors have informed him that he’ll be lucky if he lasts another six months. Rachel – as you could imagine – is sad that her father won’t be able to walk her down the aisle once that special day of hers arrives, but she felt that she could have the next best thing…the Father-Daughter dance with her dad.

Typically, we would never post private information like this about our client and their private function, but this is yet another reason why this performance will be unique. We were contacted initially by Nick Monacelli, a reporter with News 10, the ABC affiliate in Sacramento, CA. Rachel explained to us that she had been talking about this idea on her Facebook page and her cousin decided to contact the local media. For Rachel, this whole situation has gone beyond her wildest dreams.

Rachel took a ride up to a gazebo in a park in Auburn where her dad was able to see her get out of a limousine in a wedding dress. Many local wedding vendors donated their time, talent and products to make this day happen for these two and if they are feeling anything like us, they are grateful to even be a part of it.

When we spoke to Rachel before the big day, we told her how much we liked her idea and what a great thing it will be to have their Father-Daughter dance forever…for the both of them.

Milestones DJ is proud to provide our services for Rachel and James. We can’t think of a better cause for celebration than this.

We're not crying YOU'RE crying!

Shortly after posting this, Rachel's cousin Christina sent us this message:

Christina Szucs July 21, 2013 at 3:45 pm

Thank you so much for doing this. I knew that we could not arrange this all on our own, so I had reached out to the local news in the hope that someone would see their story and possibly help make this dream of Rachel’s come true. With the help of Channel 10 and Rachel’s right-hand woman, Nora, everything came together perfectly and it was a very magical night! Thank you so much for helping us!

Sincerely, Christina (Rachel’s Cousin)