Marriage Advice: 10 Tips From Experts

Today's Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice from a Wedding DJ company? Well, while we are very clear that the Wedding DJ service is a single event business (unless you ask us to DJ your anniversary party, which we are totally cool with), we also really enjoy being a part of a great and/or sweet love story.

We've seen a lot of them over the years of coordinating and performing for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions and those are our favorite memories, for sure.

With that said, we figured that it couldn't hurt to post some Marriage Advise directly from 126 widely accepted scientific studies that the web magazine Lasting found represented the best of the best Marriage Advice.

Lasting also has a Marriage Quiz that they feature prominently throughout the article (link below). We didn't click on the button, so let us know what you think if you take the quiz.

Happy Married Couple

10 Best Pieces of Marriage Advice from 126 Scientific Studies

We only list the titles below. For the details on each of these, click on the link below the list.

  1. Respond to 86% of your partner's emotional calls.
  2. Deeply understand your partner's Inner World.
  3. Honor your relationship's sense of "We."
  4. Start discussions softly.
  5. Express appreciation every day.
  6. Co-create your own culture.
  7. Remind yourself that conversations about money aren't about money.
  8. Build your sex "script."
  9. Act interdependently.
  10. Strive for emotional forgiveness.

As with everything else when it comes to making decisions about your life together as a couple, take this Marital Advice with a grain of salt and make choices that resonate with you and your new spouse.

Oh, and try not to get overwhelmed with Marriage Advice. Find sources that you both agree have the same basic values as the two of you. It'll save you a lot of reading and parsing out the good stuff.

Enjoy the detailed article below. More importantly, the Marriage Advice. Share it with friends and family.

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